Alfie the collie pet portrait
Boston terrier pet portrait

Welcome to my website, I paint with watercolours and acrylics and also offer coloured pencil pet portraits as well as hand painted slate ornaments and Christmas baubles.  

I work from a photograph of your pet and understand how important it is for me to catch your pet's character so throughout the process I work with you and send updates, I want to ensure you are 100% pleased with your pet portrait.  No payment is made until you are totally happy with your portrait.

Photographs:  A good quality photograph is essential, please think about whether the photo has captured  your pet's character and whether the colouring of the photo is as accurate as possible.  If you have a very dark coloured animal try to choose a photo that has been taken under a good light source or outside.  The clearer the photograph the better the result!

My work was featured in the May 2015 edition of Vogue magazine!
Cat pet portrait
Spaniel in watercolours


6x6 inch acrylic pet portrait on a canvas £60 (approx $83)

9 x 7 inch acrylic pet portrait on canvas £80 (approx $111)

16 x 12 inch acrylic pet portrait on canvas £140 (approx $194)

24 x 18 inch acrylic pet portrait on canvas £250 (approx $346)

Postage and Packing -

Size  6x6" - £5 (UK and overseas)

Size 9x7" - UK £5, Overseas £12.

Sizes over 9x7" - UK £12, Overseas £15

Size 24 x 18" - UK £20, Overseas £45


8 x 6 inch portrait professionally mounted £80 ($111 approx)

11 x 8 inch portrait professionally mounted £100 ($139 approx)

16 x12 inch portrait professionally mounted £150 ($208 approx)

20 x 16 inch portrait professionally mounted £220 ($304 approx)

Postage and packing -

Sizes up to and including 11x 8" - UK £7.50, Overseas £12.

Sizes over 11x8 " - UK £12, Overseas £15

Sizes over 20x16" - UK £20, Overseas £45


11x8 inch portrait - £110 (approx $152)

16x12 inch portrait - £160 (approx $221)

Postage and packing - UK £7.50, Overseas £12

Postage and packing - UK 12, Overseas £15.


Large slate hearts are priced at £55 each (approx $73) (Postage and packing - UK £5.00, Overseas £10)

Christmas baubles £25 each (approx $34) (Postage and packing - UK £3.50 per order, Overseas £5 per one bauble, £10 in total for orders with more than one bauble)

Payments are made through Paypal afterwards and only if you are completely happy with your miniature portrait.

Please use the following currency converter to check prices in your currency


Ordering couldn't be easier 

1.  Look through the acrylic, watercolour and pencil galleries and choose which you prefer

2.  Choose from the sizes available or request a size of your choice

3.  Contact me either via the 'Contact me' page or email me on

Nuppu the doodle
Adding detail to the acrylic portrait's eyes

 I know how important your animal is to you and would like you to enjoy being able to watch the portrait as it develops.I am often asked how long the paintings take or how do I start to paint the pet portraits .... come and see me at work by clicking on the 'like' button below and joining my Facebook page.  Watch your pet portrait being painted step by step or watch other paintings progressing!  Friends and family are often amazed at the tiny brush I use to paint the portraits, most of the painting is completed with a brush only half a centimetre long and a few millimetres wide!  My Facebook page is brilliant way to interact and for you to ask any questions about the paintings on display or any queries you have.

I hope you enjoy my gallery!! 

 Customer comments/recommendations ....


Julie did a beautiful painting of my lovely Staffy, Kobe (when she was a youngster, now she's old & grey - Kobe that is, not Julie!!). It has pride of place on my wall!!


Our portrait of Jasper arrived today, Julie...beautiful and in perfect condition after its long journey...thank you again for your amazing work!

I am so pleased with how it has turned out, you have captured the true emotions in this picture and it really is superb.  Thank you so much, it means a lot to me and the person I am giving it too.

All the baubles were absolutely loved Julie - thank you so much.

There were a lot of tears this morning when the painting of Jake was opened!  Thank you so much for helping become a reality for me!!!

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