Acrylic Pet Portraits

Below are some examples of acrylic pet portraits.  The colours are far more vibrant than the watercolour portraits and the paintings will be on a canvas so will not need framing.  They start at 6x6 inches so everyone can find a space for one on their wall!!


Pet portrait in clothing
american bulldog recently featured in Vogue magazine



6x6 inch acrylic pet portrait on a canvas £60 (approx $83)

9 x 7 inch acrylic pet portrait on canvas £80 (approx $111)

16 x 12 inch acrylic pet portrait on canvas £140 (approx $194)

24 x 18 inch acrylic pet portrait on canvas £250 (approx $346)

Postage and Packing -

Size 6x6" - £5 (UK and overseas)

Sizes 8x8 & 9x7" - UK £5, Overseas £12.

Sizes over 9x7" - UK £12, Overseas £15

Size 24 x 18" - UK £20, Overseas £45

Payment is made through Paypal afterwards and only if you are happy with your portrait.

Please use the following link to convert to other currencies -

Email your photos to '' or see the 'contact me' page.

King charles spaniel in acrylics
Labrador in acrylics, 16x12 inch

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Pet Portraits by Julie Bunt