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Pet Portraits by Julie Bunt

Please feel free to contact me with any queries or requests you may have.

If you have decided that you would like a portrait of your pet please state what size painting you will require and I will send you an email address to which you can attach a photograph.

The photograph should be as clear as possible and capture the character and colouring of your pet for the best results.  If your animal is dark in colour try to take the photo outside or under a good light source.

Pictures from mobile phones can be very good quality and if it is easier for you to send me the photo as a multimedia message on your phone contact me and we can arrange to do so.

I am also able to paint from an original photograph, I can give you details of where to send them on request.  

I can also be contacted via my Facebook page by clicking like on the link below and visiting me there.

I look forward to hearing from you and your pet!

Customer comments/recommendations ....


Julie did a beautiful painting of my lovely Staffy, Kobe (when she was a youngster, now she's old & grey - Kobe that is, not Julie!!). It has pride of place on my wall!!


Our portrait of Jasper arrived today, Julie...beautiful and in perfect condition after its long journey...thank you again for your amazing work!

I am so pleased with how it has turned out, you have captured the true emotions in this picture and it really is superb.  Thank you so much, it means a lot to me and the person I am giving it too.

All the baubles were absolutely loved Julie - thank you so much.

There were a lot of tears this morning when the painting of Jake was opened!  Thank you so much for helping become a reality for me!!!


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